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I always speak internally at organizations, typically evangelizing security or ongoing technical programs. People seem to enjoy my nonsense and I was encouraged to speak publicly. In 2019 I started to speak at Meetups, User Groups and small conferences. I started the AWS User Group in the South East of Ireland and started to build a community. The pandemic knocked the wind out of my sails but I hope to revive the User Group and begin to speak publicly again soon.

Waterford Tech Meetup - October 2019

An Infrastructure as Code journey with Terraform

This talk chronicles our Infrastructure as code journey ( the good and bad parts! ). How we migrated production workloads into new terraformed AWS accounts and regions. Adopting terraform and bringing infrastructure into the software development lifecycle has changed the way our teams work and improve the security, stability, and availability of our platform. Link

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AWS South East Usergroup

I run the AWS User Group in the South East of Ireland and as well as getting great speakers from all over Ireland I have subjected the captive audience to my own talks on several occasions!

November 2019

Conor (Kitman Labs) will talk about creating a secure multi account architecture with AWS Organizations and terraform. How to manage access to multiple accounts. How to use aws-vault to allow secure MFA protected programmatic access to resources across many accounts. How to use SCP policies to setup account guard rails. Link

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January 2020

A recap of some of the most exciting announcements from Re:Invent. How to stay in the Loop and get the most from the AWS Community. Link

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AWS Community Day Ireland - November 2021

Moderated a Serverless round table discussion with:

  • Danilo Poccia, Chief Evangelist AWS, EMEA
  • Heitor Lessa, Principal Specialist Solutions Architect, AWS
  • Luciano Mammino, Senior Architect, FourTheorem

This was a surreal experience for me! These folks are all fantastic practitioners and very seasoned speakers in the AWS / Serverless space. I played the useful idiot and kept the conversation flowing and asked some probing questions! Link